The "You're Not Moving to Connecticut" Edition

A millionaire's tax hike, 90 square feet of apartment, the mayor announces he's going to make an announcement, farewell to Diamond Reef, and more

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• The city is ignoring its legally required mandate informing a detainee's right to vote according to the Legal Aid Society. (David Cruz for Gothamist)

• This is a first, but Cornell University is requiring its students to get a Covid-19 vaccine for students returning to campus this fall. (Sydney Pereira for Gothamist)

• The city was finally able to hit Mayor de Blasio's promise of over half a million vaccines in a week. As of today, anyone over 16 years old is eligible to make an appointment for a vaccine. (Matt Troutman for Patch)

• The state's legislature seems to be ready to raise taxes on people making over one million dollars, raising an extra $4.3 billion for the state. (Luis Ferré-Sadurní and Jesse McKinley for NY Times)

• The tax deal has the state's wealthy so worried they're headed to Washington to ask for additional deductions on their taxes. The raise in taxes would be from 8.82% to 9.65% for individuals making over $1 million and couples making over $2 million, 10.3% for people making over $5 million a year, and 10.9% for people making over $25 million a year. If you don't like it, are you gonna move to Connecticut? lol. (Greg David for The City)

• Another portion of the state's budget would require nursing homes to reinvest 70% of their revenue to direct resident care. (Morgan McKay for NY1)

The best spots for bird-watching in New York City. (Devin Gannon for 6sqft)

This apartment on Mac Dougal St is 90 square feet. Only $1,345 per month, but you get one month free when you sign your lease! (Cash Jordan)

• If you didn't take the time to read the Times article about the SoHo rezoning, here are seven things you ought to know about the SoHo/NoHo rezoning. (Matthew Schuerman for Gothamist)

• Over the weekend we were told to expect the mayor to make an announcement changing the two-case closing rule in the city's schools. Today the mayor made the announcement that he was going to make an announcement soon. The city and the teachers' union have not come to an agreement on amending the rule. (Eliza Shapiro for NY Times)

Farewell to Diamond Reef on Atlantic Ave. The landlord has decided to sell the building. I don't dare call this Clinton Hill or Prospect Heights or Crown Heights because people have strong opinions about neighborhood boundaries. (Chris Crowley for Grub Street)

• Congressmember Yvette Clarke introduced a bill to congress that would put a statue of Shirley Chisholm in the US Capitol. (Brooklyn Eagle)

• Recirculation, as it is called by Word Up volunteers, is a pop-up bookstore filled with Tom Burgess’s book and music collections. The pop-up follows Burgess's philosophy, which be called "recirculation," gathering and reusing items that capitalism already produced enough to go around. Relinquishing his collection was one of his last calls before passing away due to Covid-19. (Camille Baker for Curbed)

• Restaurants have a new problem to deal with. Turns out patrons just won't leave. (Alexandra Peers for Grub Street)

The Bronx Night Market is back! (Anna Ben Yehuda for Time Out)

• Photos: Bunnies and bonnets, and colors, oh my! The Easter Parade. (Photos by Scott Lynch for Gothamist)

Thanks to reader Lolita for sending in this video from her Wandering New Yorker YouTube channel.

• “View From The Street,” was compiled by the Coalition for the Homeless and released on Monday. The report finds fear of violence in city shelters keeps people on the street. (Greg B. Smith for The City)

• A year at home seems to have driven a surge of people to apply for their Community Boards in Brooklyn. (Rose Adams for Brooklyn Paper)

• The $550 million gut renovation of David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center is going to be finished two years early, thanks in part to the pandemic. (Justin Davidson for Curbed)

15 places to view cherry blossom trees. (Untapped New York)

• Interview: Eddie Cullen discusses his run for mayor. (Ben Max for Gotham Gazette)

• The lambi at Hatian spot Rebel on the Lower East Side is "stunning and dramatic." (Robert Sietsema for Eater)

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