The "Thousands of Idiots March" Edition

Harambe in the Financial District, the one-bedroom museum/hoarder house, inside the new Alamo Drafthouse, the police sue the city, Eddie’s Sweet Shop, and more

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• The city's program to remove the NYPD from mental health emergencies isn't going great, but that won't stop the city from expanding it. 911 operators are still sending three of every four calls about mental health to the NYPD instead of the new B-HEARD teams. Of the 25% of calls that went to B-HEARD, 17% were redirected to the police because they were under-resourced. Of the calls that had a response from B-HEARD, only half were taken to a hospital, compared to 86% who received a response from the NYPD. Plus I haven't seen one story about B-HEARD shooting and killing anyone in response to a 911 call. (Caroline Lewis for Gothamist)

• The NYPD defied a City Council request for records related to the police department’s alleged mishandling of 311 complaints about illegal parking in Downtown Brooklyn. (Jesse Coburn for Streetsblog)

• Thousands of idiots marched on City Hall, shutting down the Brooklyn Bridge in the process, to protest the coming vaccine mandate. There were a large number of NYPD and FDNY. The deadline is Monday and all of these bozos will go on unpaid leave if they don't show proof of vaccination. (Jake Offenhartz for Gothamist)

• The Police Benevolent Association of New York is suing the city over the vaccine mandate, claiming it's centered around a lack of sufficient protection for religious objections. For clarification, the mayor announced valid religious exemptions will be accommodated. Every challenge to the city's vaccine mandates so far has failed. (Sharon Otterman and Joseph Goldstein for NY Times)

• After a spate of incidents involving students bringing guns into school buildings, the city will deploy additional metal detectors to campuses and send extra police personnel during arrival and dismissal. (Alex Zimmerman for Chalkbeat)

• RIP Harambe. A social networking site put a seven-foot-tall statue of Harambe and 10,000 bananas facing the Charging Bull in a temporary installation to call attention to "putting the needs and welfare of human beings first." As of writing this, their website wasn't working properly to sign up new users. (Anna Rahmanan for Time Out)

• Photos: More photos of the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade. (Scott Lynch for Gothamist)

• Local support for a new soccer stadium in the Bronx is falling among local businesses. The City does a great job here of breaking down the history and the arguments from all sides. (Claudia Irizarry Aponte for The City)

• A look at why Rikers has unraveled. (Amba Guerguerian for The Indypendent)

• Photos: Inside the new Alamo Drafthouse in Manhattan. (Anna Rahmanan with photos by Michael Mansfield for Time Out)

• Review: Cadence's vegan soul and southern foodways on E 7th in the East Village with the crab-cake-esque palm cake, house cobbler, uncanny fried chicken sandwich standouts. Reviews like this go far out of their way to use qualifiers when describing dishes that would otherwise use meat and can’t help themselves but mock vegans and this is no exception. Eventually, reviewers will have to accept that food can exist without animal products but they haven't learned yet. The impression was overwhelmingly positive with the biggest negative being that the menu wasn't big enough. (Adam Platt for Grub Street)

• The Edge now has a 151-step staircase 1,190 feet in the air, while tethered to the building, in the world's highest external building climb in a never-ending game of oneupmanship among observation decks. (Shaye Weaver for Time Out)

• RIP Gene Friedman, the "Taxi King." (Sam Roberts for NY Times)

• Podcast: Solonje Burnett, co-founder of Humble Bloom, an education and advocacy platform that works with brands in the cannabis and CBD space. (Brooklyn Magazine: The Podcast)

• The headline is "Living in a One-Bedroom Museum," but the 500 square-foot apartment of Thomas Lollar, ceramicist, teacher, and collector, looks like the home of a high-end hoarder. (Wendy Goodman for Curbed)

• The EPA is investigating a possible civil rights violation after the state Department of Environmental Conservation said the North Brooklyn Pipeline will not have negative environmental impacts. (Kristyn Brendlen for Brooklyn Paper)

• It's been eight months, where is the final report from the state Assembly's impeachment probe? (Zack Fink for NY1)

• The 212 from the Times revisits Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Forest Hills, where malts, shakes, and sundaes are still made almost exactly as they were in the 1960s by the Citrano, owners since 1968. (Reggie Nadelson for NY Times)

• Columbia University was once the Bloomingdale Insane Asylum and the other ten secrets of Morningside Heights. (Untapped New York)

• The Infatuation updated their best new restaurants in NYC list. (The Infatuation)

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