The "Naked Hotel Faces Foreclosure" Edition

Emergency response times did not change after the vaccine mandate, the Rock Center tree was chosen, where to find superior Caribbean food, and more

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• A look into the history of the New York Marathon, which might be over by the time you read this. (Untapped New York)

• The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is returning this year and four new balloons were announced including a Grogu/Baby Yoda balloon. (Erik Bascome for SI Live)

• The tree for Rockefeller Center has been chosen. When you walk by, you can tell your friends and family that the tree is from Maryland this year and that you read it in The Briefly. (Jen Carlson for Gothamist)

• Sorry to announce that the CDC says you can return to Thanksgiving dinners this year without capacity limits if everyone is vaccinated. At least this might mean that there's a reason not to invite your aunt that posts weird memes of Dr. Fauci all day on Facebook. (Adam Nichols for Patch)

Where to have a family dinner in NYC. (Hannah Albertine for The Infatuation)

• Emergency response times have not changed since the vaccine mandate took effect. Did you know that 911 is mostly operated by the NYPD? (Jaclyn Jeffrey-Wilensky and Gwynne Hogan for Gothamist)

• An indoor beach volleyball bar is opening in Long Island City. (Shaye Weaver for Time Out)

• Brooklyn Magazine is back. Not just the website, the actual magazine. The kind that you hold in your hands that isn't on your phone. (Brian Braiker for Brooklyn Magazine)

• Check out Bronx Bound Books, a mobile book store inside of a converted bus. (Anna Rahmanan for Time Out)

• The 90-year-old Metro Theater on 100th and Broadway has been gathering dust for sixteen years but there is a lease pending on the property. This is as there's been a surge in community interest in reimagining the space, which is gutted on the inside. (Edric Robinson for NY1)

• There was a push to better publicize the FairFares program this year, which led to the first time that enrollments hit 250,000 for the program. Eligible New Yorkers receive a 50% discount on either subway and eligible bus fares, or Access-A-Ride. Pay-Per-Ride, 7-Day, and 30-Day Unlimited Ride options. Kevin Duggan for amNewYork Metro)

• The 10 best hot cocktails to drink in the city. (Amber Sutherland-Namako for Time Out)

• Video: A walk from Penn Station to Times Square to Bryant Park during rush hour. (ActionKid on YouTube)

• Map: An interactive map that shows every single open bathroom in the city. (Anna Rahmanan for Time Out)

• There's a Hunter Biden art show happening in SoHo. (Graham Bowley with additional reporting by Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Katie Rogers for NY Times)

• There is legislation to end daylight saving time in New York but there's a federal law from the 1960s that prevents states from opting out. (Ben Yakas for Gothamist)

• The Civilian Complaint Review Board called for the firing of the outgoing head of the Sergeants Benevolent Association Ed Mullins for leaking the arrest records of the mayor's daughter and calling city officials "whore" and "bitch," but an NYPD disciplinary trial docked him vacation days instead of firing him, with the judge arguing that the stress of the pandemic must have pushed him to show such poor judgment. The ruling did not follow the new disciplinary matrix which is supposed to standardize punishment for police misconduct. It's hard to imagine why people would want reformations with the NYPD after seeing how this bozo deluxe was served "justice." Mullins is also under a federal investigation for misusing union funds. What a sweetheart. (Jake Offenhartz for Gothamist)

• Many of the city and state's politicians took a trip to Puerto Rico to the Somos conference to discuss Latino priorities but Mayor de Blasio and Governor Hochul's trips are the only trips being paid for by taxpayer dollars. I too would enjoy the city paying for me to go to Puerto Rico. (Yoav Gonen for The City)

• The Standard Hotel, which earned a reputation as "The Naked Hotel" for nude guests and impromptu sex shows visible from The High Line, is facing foreclosure. (Kim Velsey for Curbed)

• HBO recreated Carrie Bradshaw's apartment and made it available on Airbnb in advance of the revival of Sex and the City. This publicity stunt seems to have worked because here I am, writing about it. (Anna Rahmanan for Time Out)

• A Manhattan judge has temporarily barred City Hall from ejecting Donald Trump’s company from the Ferry Point golf course in the Bronx. (Claudia Irizarry Aponte for The City)

• Four things you may not know about affordable housing in NYC. (Brick Underground)

• Love Life's William Jackson Harper shares his favorite date spots. (Will Gleason for Time Out)

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