The "Manhattan Wegmans is Real" Edition

New mask rules are coming, the best pizza places, Zoltar, Eric Adams is told to shut up, hot tubs on a boat, and more

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“While she couldn't afford the rent on a Brooklyn place with outdoor space without him, Renee swore this was the last time she'd find a roommate on Craigslist. Not only was Oren a true night owl, but he didn't appreciate all the beautiful shiny objects she brought home to their nest.” Thanks to Julian (@JulianSeltzer on Twitter) for the story and photo. Send your photos to to be featured (maybe with a story too)

• Mayor de Blasio said that new mask rules will be announced on Monday. The CDC recommends vaccinated people wear masks up indoors due to the high transmission rate of the Delta variant of Covid-19. (Gabby DeBenedicts for Patch)

• Wegmans is coming to Manhattan is a real "holy shit" moment for a lot of people I know. Expect it to open in 2023. (Erika Adams for Eater)

• Burger Battle: Burgers from Morgernster’s, Bronson’s Burgers, 7th Street Burger, and Smashed go head to head with referee Robert Sietsema. (Robert Sietsema for Eater)

• Is a co-op board allowed to ask if you have children? Legally yes, but it gets real complicated real quick. (Alanna Schubach for Brick Underground)

• All but eight marijuana-related convictions have been cleared in Brooklyn, dating back to the 1970s, by Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez. The eight cases that remain involve allegations of driving while impaired. (Duncan Freeman for Brooklyn Magazine)

• Here’s how much it will cost you in rent to add an extra bedroom. (Brick Underground)

• You know I love a very specific recommendation. Where to go to dress up, be sexy, have a cocktail, and eat a plate of fries by yourself. (Hannah Albertine for The Infatuation)

• Add "on a boat" to the end of any activity and we all seem to get excited at the idea. Hot tubs on a boat in the Hudson. Each boat has two hot tubs and fits eight people (and it's BYOB). (Shaye Weaver for Time Out)

• Starting Labor Day, all state workers will be required to be vaccinated against Covid-19 or get tested for the virus regularly. (Devin Gannon for 6sqft)

• Frontline healthcare workers at New York State-run hospitals will not have a testing option and vaccination is mandatory. (Kevin Duggan for QNS)

• Two NYPD officers were fired after an internal trial determined that they raped a teenager. Neither has been criminally charged. (Troy Closson for NY Times)

• New York's congressional delegation had some words with Democratic mayoral nominee Eric Adams, letting him know to shut his mouth when it comes to criticizing fellow Democrats because someone will always leak what he's saying to the press after it was reported that Adams called the Democratic Socialists of America as an archenemy. (Katie Glueck and Dana Rubinstein for NY Times)

• There's a new Zoltar machine outside The March Hare on Nonth St between First and Second Ave. What do you wish for? (EV Grieve)

• The last sidewalk phone booths in New York City. (Ephemeral New York)

• The Obama Portraits by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald will be on display at the Brooklyn Museum between August 27 and October 24. (Shaye Weaver for Time Out)

• Danny Meyer announced that proof of vaccination will be mandatory at Union Square Hospitality Group restaurants, which includes (but is not limited to) Union Square Cafe, Blue Smoke, and Gramercy Tavern. (Dana Schulz for 6sqft)

• Teal back-painted glass, bright white terrazzo flooring, and “delicate wall sconces” are all reasons that a restroom at Terminal 4 at JFK was named one of America's best restrooms. There are ten finalists and you can vote on your favorite. (Will Gleason for Time Out)

• Preliminary research shows there are signs of Covid-19 mutation in our sewage that points to possible dog and rat Covid-19 infections. Animal-to-human transmission is rare but it has been documented. (Jacob Geanous for The City, in collaboration with the Documenting COVID-19 project at Columbia University’s Brown Institute for Media Innovation)

• Photos: Christo, the red-tailed hawk in Tompkins Square, eats a rat whole. Christo, no! That rat could have the virus! (Laura Goggin Photography)

• The Vessel is closed to visitors after a 14-year-old jumped to their death on Thursday afternoon. This is the fourth suicide at the structure since 2019. (Jake Offenhartz for Gothamist)

• The Brooklyn Roasting Company is back after filing for bankruptcy in October and closing two of its cafes. (Jessica Parks for Brownstoner)

• Real Estate Lust: A $7.5 million Flatiron duplex with an outside deck, two solariums, cast-iron columns, oversized windows, private elevator landing, a 150-bottle wine fridge, and more. (Dana Schulz for 6sqft)

• The best restaurants in Jackson Heights, interesting to see Untapped New York take a swing at a best restaurant list. (Bella Druckman for Untapped New York)

• The 29 best pizza places in NYC. A ranked list that has Di Fara at #1 with Lucali, Ops, L&B, and Mama's Too rounding out the top five. (Bao Ong, Amber Sutherland-Namako and Time Out contributors for Time Out)

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