The "Kevin Dropped the Chili" Edition

What in the fresh hell happened at the Board of Elections?

This week really was the “Kevin drops the chili” moment for the Board of Elections.

How bad did it get?

The “issue an apology with a screenshot of the notes app” is such a clichéd way to apologize there’s a New York Times story from 2019 about people apologizing publicly using screenshots of the iOS notes app and a Paper story from 2021 about how it’s “so last year.” Now the NYC Board of Elections joins the ranks of Justin Timberlake apologizing for calling Britney Spears “just some bitch” on stage, Sarah Huckabee Sanders apologizing for mocking Joe Biden’s stutter, and Logan Paul apologizing for mocking suicide victims.

This weekend is the third birthday for The Briefly. I sent the first email to 12 of my friends and I think two of them were my email addresses. Today I’m sending it to over 150x that number. The Briefly, which is 100% hobby, is fueled by the notes and photos you’ve sent in, and the subscriber base is driven purely by word of mouth. Thank you so much.

Enjoy your weekend and send me photos of your pets,