The "Is the Dollar Slice Dying?" Edition

A marathon first, Central Park's new hot duck, the bet pie shops in the city, secrets of the Upper West Side, and more

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• There's a new hot duck in Central Park. Say hello to the Green-winged Teal. (Mike Mishkin for I Love the Upper West Side)

• Learn to identify the Green-winged Teal. (All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology)

• If you're looking for a touch of history in your day-to-day, there's a historic IRT sign in Penn Station that was recently restored and protected. (Untapped New York)

• Photos: NYC Marathon. (Scott Lynch for Gothamist)

• Congrats to Peres Jepchirchir for not only running the marathon in a shorter amount of time than it would take to watch the new Dune but for also being the only person in history to win Olympic gold for the marathon AND the New York City Marathon. (Jay Connor for The Root)

• Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz petitioned to expunge 60 convictions linked to three NYPD officers who were found to have committed crimes and fabricated evidence in other cases. (George Joseph for Gothamist)

• As ridership is nearly at 80% of pro-Covid totals, the MTA's Access-A-Ride service reliability is at its lowest level in years. August was the seventh month straight of missing an 85% goal of drivers being no more than fifteen minutes late for a pick-up. (Jose Martinez for The City)

• According to the Advocates for Children annual report, over 100,000 NYC students are homeless, 94% of them Black or Hispanic. (Reema Amin for Chalkbeat)

• This is what the taxi drivers on a hunger strike won. (Errol Louis for Curbed)

• It's been four years and several court battles, a residence for 140 homeless men quietly opened, steps from Billionaires' Row. (Rachel Holliday Smith for The City)

• Is the dollar slice dying? Inflation, labor shortages, and the dreaded supply-chain issues are all combining to threaten the city's greatest culinary innovation. (Anna Rahmanan for Time Out)

• "I tried every dollar pizza store around campus." Fourteen dollar slices around NYU's campuses in fourteen days. Hero. (Alex Tran for Washington Square News)

• Trader Joe's signage is up in Williamsburg. With Wegmans elbowing into the NYC market, where does Trader Joe's rank in cool grocery stores? (Cate Corcoran for Brownstoner)

• The origins of Pomander Walk, one of the smallest parks in the city, the Joan of Arc Memorial, and the rest of the ten secrets of the Upper West Side. (Noah Shiedlower for Untapped New York)

• Patience and Fortitude, the NPLY lions, are sporting bandages signifying their vaccination status. (Devin Gannon for 6sqft)

• Broadway is extending its vaccination and mask requirements through the end of February. (Stef Manisero for NY1)

• The 14 best pie shops in the city, unranked. (Devorah Lev-Tov for Thrillist)

Featured Pet: Elly!

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