The "Happy Halloween" Edition

Happy Halloween from The Briefly!

• Halloween plans? the skint has 50+ Halloween events $40 and under. (the skint)

• Forget Spirit, New York City has Halloween Adventure, whose future is still in question. (James Ramsay for Gothamist)

• Photos: Howard Beach gets into the spooky season spirit. (Photos by Paul Frangipane for QNS)

• The Fort Greene knocking ghost, the House of Death in the West Village, the ghost in the attic near Madison Square Park, the Phantom of Gay Street, and the rest of New York City's Haunted Houses. (Greg Young for The Bowery Boys)

• A look behind the scenes and the secrets of the scares with two of the city's haunted attractions. (Alexis Soloski and Erik Tanner for NY Times)

• Mae West, James Dean, and Edgar Allen Poe. Some of the ghosts, goblins, and monsters of the Upper West Side. (E.L. Danvers for I Love the Upper West Side)

• In the mood for something different? Check out the Lower East Side Book Crawl. (Holly Louise Perry for Bowery Boogie)

• Café de L’Enfer: An absinthe bar inspired by hell itself is open all year long, but it seems more than appropriate for tonight. (Anna Rahmanan for Time Out)

• No costume for tonight? Get some inspiration with these 21 humorous NYC-inspired Halloween costumes. I'm just glad we won’t see any Tiger Kings this year. (Shaye Weaver for Time Out)

Six drinks and snacks for Halloween. (Amber Sutherland-Namako for Time Out)

Happy Halloween!