The "Get Back to Me in 20 Years" Edition

StoopingNYC tastes old NYC, Cuomo's enablers, Gloria Vanderbilt's home, the top tuna sandwiches, inexpensive eats, and more

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• The G train will be running to Coney Island this and next weekend. This weekend is likely to be a transit mess as there is major work happening on the A, C, F, and E lines. HT to Ira for sending this in. (Jessica Parks for Brooklyn Paper)

• The city finally has a plan for fixing the BQE in Brooklyn Heights and it involves just fixing the damn BQE. Not destroying the Brooklyn Promenade or building a giant bridge that goes on top of the Brooklyn Bridge. They plan to keep the BQE around for another twenty years and maybe the oceans will rise and consume us all by 2040 so we won't have to think about how to save the BQE anymore. The plan includes adding waterproofing, deter trucks over 40 tons with an automated fine system (it's already illegal for them to be on the BQE), and reducing the three lanes to two. The plan requires state approval for part of it, so Mayor de Blasio has to ask the guy he's been calling on to quit for help to get it done. (Stephen Nessen and Elizabeth Kim for Gothamist)

• "I think he should be charged." - Mayor de Blasio, reveling in not being the most hated politician in New York. (Matt Troutman for Patch)

• All of Governor Cuomo's enablers, including some surprising names like the president of Human Rights Campaign, the CEO of Time's Up, the Co-Founder of Time's Up Legal Defense Fund, and Cuomo's Chief of Staff and former special counsel. (Jake Offenhartz for Gothamist)

• The State Assembly’s impeachment investigation into Governor Cuomo is “nearing completion” and the body will soon consider articles of impeachment against him. (Michael Gold and Luis Ferré-Sadurní for NY Times)

• "Hitler went into a bunker and when he came out he wasn't Chancellor anymore, was he?" - President Selina Meyer, Veep. The City's article about Cuomo's fight to remain in power starts with "Bunkered at the Governor’s Mansion in Albany." 🤔 (Josefa Velasquez for The City)

• This story about how some graffiti made the @StoopingNYC Instagram comment section meltdown feels very old New York vs new New York. (Caroline Spivack for Curbed)

• A look at The Camperdown Elm in Prospect Park, one of my favorite trees in the city, planted in 1872 and nearly died in the 1960s. (Allison C. Meier for Brooklyn Based)

• The top tuna sandwiches in New York. Not included: Subway tuna. (Rob Patronite for Grub Street)

• Fleishers has temporarily closed all four of its locations after roughly three dozen employees orchestrated a walkout on July 23 after its CEO removed all signs supporting Black Lives Matter and LGBTQIA+ movements. The CEO personally took a train to CT and then back to Park Slope to personally remove the signs himself. Also walking out was the HR department, which makes hiring new employees difficult. They are expected to be closed through the end of August. Someone else hire the former employees and let this place atrophy until it disappears forever. (Luke Fortney for Eater)

• The former Food Emporium on 14th Street is being gutted to make way for a Target. (EV Grieve)

• Red velvet cake was born at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Interesting tidbit. (Bella Druckman for Untapped New York)

• Get ready! The Hello Kitty food truck is hitting the city next weekend, but you'll have to go to the Staten Island Mall to see it. (Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner for Time Out)

• Bad news for Greenpoint. The Greenpoint Ferry Landing will remain closed until May 2022, which will be the one-year anniversary of when the ferry stop abruptly closed. (Jennifer Rosini-Gentile for Greenpointers)

• While many people would love a city-wide ban on children in restaurants, it's not here yet. The mayor specified that the vaccine mandate does not apply to children who are below minimum vaccine ages. (Matt Troutman for Patch)

• Once the vaccine mandate is in effect on August 16, here's how to show proof of vaccination. (Devin Gannon for 6sqft)

• Real Estate Lust: Gloria Vanderbilt’s $1.1 million Midtown East three-bedroom, two-bath residence at 30 Beekman Place. (Devin Gannon for 6sqft)

40 inexpensive dining destinations. (Robert Sietsema for Eater)

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