Feb 27, 2022 • 15M

The "Gabe Henry on His Book Eating Salad Drunk" Podcast Edition

Collecting haikus from comedy's biggest names in this episode.

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Rob Blatt
Now defunct. It was weekly conversations about New York City from The Briefly, hosted by Rob Blatt.
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Gabe Henry joins today’s podcast edition of The Briefly to talk about his new book Eating Salad Drunk: Haikus for the Burnout Age by Comedy Greats, released this week, managing Brooklyn comedy venue Littlefield during the pandemic, haikus, and more. There are two hidden haikus in this episode and two more in this post. Can you find them?

Gabe Henry is a writer, editor, and manager of the Brooklyn comedy venue Littlefield. He has published two books, What the Fact?! 365 Strange Days in History (Chronicle Books, 2018) and Eating Salad Drunk: Haikus for the Burnout Age by Comedy Greats (Macmillan, 2022).

Discussed on the Podcast:

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