The "Election Day + Halloween Photos" Edition

The election and Halloween pictures.

It’s that time of year where we head to the polls, thinking to ourselves “didn’t we just do this?” Yup. New York City doesn’t go six months without an election of some variety. Remember to wear your mask if you are going to vote in person.

Send me your photos of your “I VOTED” and “I VOTED ABSENTEE” stickers to bonus points will be awarded to people who combine pet photos with voting photos. I’d also love to hear your voting stories.

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Today, if you haven’t already voted absentee, we go to the polls to decide on:

• Find your polling site. Even if you requested an absentee ballot, you can vote in person. You can also drop off your absentee ballot at a polling site if you haven’t mailed it yet. You can also still mail it today. (

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Some live blogs to check throughout the day if you’re nervous about results:

Eight things to watch on Election Day 2021. Turnout (which was low for early voting), the City Council's possibly first-ever majority of women members, and more. (Samar Khurshid for Gotham Gazette)

• The Times takes a look at the different shades of blue of New York's Democrats and how this election sets up a fight within the city and state's government over moderate and progressive democrats. (Katie Glueck for NY Times)

Eric Adams's biggest promises if he is elected. We'll no doubt revisit these promises in the future. (Ethan Geringer-Sameth for Gotham Gazette)

• For Curtis Sliwa, was this election about becoming the mayor, or was it really continuing his life-long obsession with holding the spotlight for as long as possible? He has zero credibility, registered Republican last year and at a time where New Yorkers either had to be reminded that the Guardian Angels still exist or educated that they ever existed in the first place. Like a large meal from a questionable street cart, Curtis Sliwa is desperate to not be forgotten, no matter his expiration date. (Michael Rothfeld and Emma G. Fitzsimmons for NY Times)

Your Halloween chaser:

• Steve Buscemi, winner of Halloween, with his Len Wosniak "How do you to do, fellow kids?" costume while handing out candy in Park Slope. (Bill Pearis for Brooklyn Vegan)

Photos, photos photos!

Thanks for reading today’s edition and thank you for voting, I’ll likely have our usual Tuesday edition of The Briefly tomorrow to catch up on the news around the municipal vaccine mandate and the general news from around the city last few days.