The "Brood X Approaches" Edition

A pool in the East River, new rooftop restaurants, vaccine incentives, where to get food near Prospect Park, more NYPD on the subways, and more

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Rain in the evening and overnight.

• An interesting look at Michael Pitchik, a landlord who owns 65 mixed-use properties around the Barclays Center, who has a genuine interest in the survival and success of the neighborhood. (Norman Oder for Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Report)

• Apartment Lust: Want to buy Rufus Wainright's "dump" of an apartment? For $450k it has 11-foot ceilings, herringbone hardwood floors, a red marble fireplace, has a key to Gramercy Park, and more. (Jenny Xie for Curbed)

18 drive-in movie theaters in and around New York City. (Dana Schulz for 6sqft)

• For now, inmates will no longer bury bodies on Hart Island, but the future of what the city's mass grave will look like is still undecided. (Caroline Lewis for Gothamist)

• Did your street's namesake own slaves? Nostrand, Lefferts, Boerum, Bergen, and Stuyvesant were all slave owners to start. A new project aims to expose New York's history of slavery with stickers on streets and neighborhoods where their namesake owned slaves. (Julianne McShane for NY Times)

• Turns Out: Nearly 70% of all New York state judges are white. (Joseph Gedeon for Gothamist)

• Photos: Marvelous Mrs. Maisel filming on the Coney Island Boardwalk. (Meaghan McGoldrick, photos by Erica Price for Brooklyn Paper)

• Cicada Update: Brood X cicadas are expected to appear in the Bronx, Staten Island, and Central Park soon. (Adam Nichols for Patch)

There's going to be a pool in the East River. The "Plus Pool" is going to attempt to allow you to swim in a pool full of the river's water, but without all the grossness and human poop that is released into the river when it rains. (Carl Swanson for Curbed)

• Get ready for vaccinated-only parties. Make sure to bring your ID and your vaccination card. (Alyson Krueger for NY Times)

The city's newest rooftop restaurants and bars. (Amber Sutherland-Namako for Time Out)

RIP Jimmy Prince, the prince of Mermaid Avenue. He was a butcher, but "The Butcher of Mermaid Avenue" has different connotations. (Kouichi Shirayanagi for Bklyner)

All the best vaccine incentives: baseball games, doughnuts, cheesecake, and more. (Ben Yakas for Gothamist)

• A year after Mayor de Blasio pledged to remove the NYPD from street vendor enforcement, the NYPD issued multiple summonses to street vendors near the Hudson Yards, part of a pattern of harassment from the owners of nearby buildings. (Jake Offenhartz for Gothamist)

• The Brooklyn GOP and its chairman Ted Ghora are being accused of being “racist” and “not inclusive” by current and former members of the party. (Kings County Politics)

• Marijuana was decriminalized in New York on March 31, but the DA's office in the Bronx has yet to move on vacating warrants, leaving many in danger of being arrested if stopped by a police officer and forced into unnecessary court dates. (Caroline Lewis for Gothamist)

The NYPD is adding auxiliary police to 20 of the busiest subway stations at the request of the MTA. The officers will be volunteers, adding to the additional 100 private security guards the MTA hired to patrol the subways. (Stephen Nessen for Gothamist)

Where to get food near Prospect Park. (Nikko Duren and Matt Tervooren for The Infatuation)

• Pair that list with where to get to-go cocktails near Prospect Park and you've got yourself a nice picnic. (Nikko Duren for The Infatuation)

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