The Briefly for February 19, 2019 – The "I Was Only Joking About Shooting Him On Sight" Edition

The Lams are a Chinese-American family living in a 350 square-foot apartment in Chinatown. Photographer Thomas Holton has been documenting their lives in photographs for the last fifteen years. (Gothamist)

“American police shot and killed 998 people in 2018. In the UK, in the deadliest year of police shootings in the last 14 years, only six people were killed by police” says a deleted Corey Johnson tweet. As you could imagine, the Police Benevolent Association isn't pleased. (NY Post)

"I was only joking" isn't a great excuse for an NYPD commanding officer to shoot 50 Cent "on sight." (Gothamist)

Horse-drawn carriages are moving inside Central Park as the mayor's new plan will be put into place by February 25. It's a far cry from the mayor's 2013 promise to remove the carriages completely. (Chelsea Now)

Play with the Manhattan Population Explorer to watch how people move around Manhattan through the week. Maybe you can use it to find a quiet place. (

Is the city's educational climate biased against boys? (NY Post)

A burnt out Infiniti FX35 is sitting at the intersection of Flatbush and Fleet Street and has for days. At the very least the car is parked in an intersection, you'd think it would be ticketed or towed. (NY Post)

RIP Patricia Barbati Coffey, co-owner of legendary pizza parlor L&B Spumoni Gardens. Coffey lost her battle with ALS. (Daily News)

Exploring an (assumed) abandoned tunnel in Bushwick. (Luke Heater)

Could James Dolan's reign of terror of owning the Knicks be coming to a merciful end? (NBC Sports)

As far as double entendres go, Mt. Sinai calling their prostrate health center the "Man Cave" is top notch. (Metro)

The A&A Bake and Double and Roti Shop in Bed Stuy won the James Beard Foundation’s American Classics award for their "timeless appeal." It was one of five recipients, but the only in New York and the only Caribbean restaurant as well. (Brooklyn Paper)

Congestion pricing gets the New York Times profile treatment. (NY Times)

With the implosion of the Amazon HQ2 deal, the next targets for the progressives are the state's tax incentives for corporations. (Politico)

Where to eat on the Upper West Side. (Eater)

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