The Briefly for April 14, 2020 – The "Fell Between Train Cars and Survived" Edition

Today - Low: 42˚ High: 56˚

Possible drizzle overnight.

Emergency food providers in New York City will receive $25 million in emergency funding to help them deal with the many challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and continue providing food to those in need, paying for 19 million meals. (Gillian Smith for Patch) An interview with NYC Food Czar Kathryn Garcia is scouring the city for essential food workers, getting meals to the most vulnerable, and keeping the supply chains visible. (Lela Nargi for Civil Eats) Photos: 13 amazing looks from this year’s online Easter Bonnet Parade. (Shaye Weaver for Time Out) It's a literal miracle. A blind man fell between two F train cars on Easter and survived. (Todd Maisel for amNewYork Metro) One of my favorite video tours of NYC: Richard Splett (Veep), NYC savvy insider, shows the best the city has to offer. (Matt Coneybeare for Viewing NYC) A peek into the world of sex work in the city while social distancing. (Zijia Song for Bedford + Bowery) Everyone's adjusting, coffee shops included. Here are the city's top coffee shops that pivoted to delivering fresh-roasted beans. (Liz Clayton for Eater) Take a look at the city's shuttered hospitals over the last 20 years and you'll find that half of them have been replaced by residential buildings. (Devin Gannon for 6sqft) Dive into Bill Cuningham's photo archive to create a new Easter Parade picked from history. (Vanessa Friedman for NY Times) If you're uninsured and want to enroll in healthcare through the state, the deadline was extended until May 15. (Anna Quinn for Patch) Happy Birthday? Here's where to get takeout and delivery for your birthday. (Hannah Albertine for The Infatuation) So, why was a tiger able to get a COVID-19 test? (Alyse Stanley for Gizmodo) Videos: NYC's empty streets. (Dana Schulz for 6sqft) Lost in the Cuomo vs de Blasio fight over keeping the schools closed through the end of the school year is de Blasio saying that there's no guarantee that schools will be open even in September. (Kathleen Culliton for Patch) Is this your asshole cat in the East Village? (EV Grieve) The best cheese delivery in NYC. (Emma Orlow for Time Out) We're ordering less delivery than before the pandemic hit, according to Grub Hub. Maybe everyone realized they can use Grub Hub for a menu and are calling restaurants directly? Probably not. (Serena Dai for Eater) New hospitalizations for COVID-19 fell by 17 percent — with 383 people admitted to hospitals on Saturday, down from 463 on Friday. Finally, a good sign. (Erin Durkin for Politico) Governor Cuomo is working with five neighboring states to chart a path to get the economy moving again. The six states, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island are working together to unite as states of America, which is an interesting concept. (Kathryn Brenzel for The Real Deal) A Broadway fund-raiser to benefit entertainment workers whose livelihoods have been imperiled by the coronavirus will be rescheduled after a labor union retreated from a demand that musicians be paid for the streaming of the previously recorded event. (Michael Paulson for NY Times) The city's daily release of COVID-19 information has improved in quality, but still does not account for suspected cases of COVID-19-related deaths in the home. (Gwynne Hogan for Gothamist) Inside Enoteca Maria, where the kitchen crew is all grandmas. (Reina Gattuso for Atlas Obscura) The combination of a rainbow and the 7pm cheer is pretty hard to beat. (Jen Carlson for Gothamist) The NYC Italian delivery guide. Unfortunately, there are as many places in Queens on this map as there are in New Jersey, so this is mostly Manhattan and South Brooklyn. (Matt Tervooren for The Infatuation)