The Briefly for April 13, 2020 – The "Cutting Your Hair Yourself at Home" Edition

Today - Low: 46˚ High: 65˚

Rain and dangerously windy until evening.

Photos: NYC landmarks lit up blue in support of frontline COVID-19 workersª. (Michelle Young for Untapped New York) A look at what happens to NYC rents during a recession. (Nancy Wu for StreetEasy) Absolutely have to cut your hair and stuck at home? Advice on how to cut your hair at home from salons across the city. (Shaye Weaver for Time Out) Poll: 56% of Democrats polled by Club for Growth would prefer Cuomo over Biden for 2020. (Gillian Smith for Patch) Governor Cuomo is setting a high bar for himself coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. On Good Morning America, he said "There has to be some lesson that we take from this so we're better for it because we paid a very high price. One of them is, let's understand what happened with the African American/Latino communities, and let's fix it and let's understand broadly how this lapped and what we missed so this doesn't happen again." (Gillian Smith for Patch) Who was at fault between de Blasio and Cuomo for the public debate about who can close the city’s schools? It’s de Blasio, of course. Before making his “we’re closing the schools” announcement, de Blasio left a text message with the governor a few minutes before making the announcement. (Jesse McKinley, Eliza Shapiro and Jeffery C. Mays for NY Times) It was only a few hours before the governor had to teach Mayor de Blasio who has the legal authority to close the city's schools. The answer, by the way, is Governor Cuomo. (Sally Goldenberg and Anna Gronewold for Politico) The MTA claims overcrowding isn't a problem on the subways, Mayor de Blasio isn't buying it. The mayor wants the MTA to increase their capacity, but the MTA's workforce has been his disproportionally hard by COVID-19. (Erin Durkin for Politico) The MTA is checking temperatures of its workers at 22 of its locations to test 2,000 workers a day. (Stephen Nessen for Gothamist) 58 of the city's 110 nursing facilities have been cited for infection control problems. (Adam Nichols for Patch) If you want a look at what NYC's pandemic open streets could have been, take a look at Oakland's plan for 74 miles of streets for cyclists and pedestrians. (Roger Rudick for Streetsblog) A clarification on the bodies buried on Hart Island, the mayor has said that anyone who has a family or friend who wants to make funeral arrangements, the body will be held until it is possible. Unclaimed bodies will be interred on Hart Island. (Robert Rozarycki for amNewYork Metro) Fairway is trying to argue in bankruptcy court that its bonuses of $2.3 million for executives are well deserved. (Chris Crowley for Grub Street) A $769,000 studio that’s roughly 350 square feet on Billionaire's Row is being called "reasonable" by 6sqft. (Dana Schulz for 6sqft) The Metropolitan Opera is continuing its streams of opera performances this week. (Adam Feldman for Time Out) A guide to the city's caterers that are pivoting to home delivery. (Leah Rosenzweig for Eater)