The "Birthday" Edition

This is not a usual edition of The Briefly today.

Hello everyone,

There’s no usual edition of The Briefly today because I’ve taken the day off to celebrate my birthday. Hooray! Happy birthday to me!

I’m notoriously difficult to find a gift for, you can ask my family and friends. If you’re someone that feels so inclined, I’ll give you a few easy options.

  1. Donate to your favorite animal shelter. The emails I get from you telling me the stories of your adopted animals have been one of the highlights of doing The Briefly and I’m so grateful that so many have you have chosen to bring these companions into your lives. If you’d like a recommendation, we adopted Scooter from Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn and Pepper from Bobbi and the Strays in Queens.

  2. Share The Briefly. The audience has been growing the last few weeks and that’s thanks to your shares and forwards. You can click the button below or forward another email you’ve enjoyed to a friend or share it online. A good place for people to start is the about page.

    Share The Briefly

  3. Email me an NYC photo or a pet photo. I’ll never run out of a need for more photos!

Thank you for reading The Briefly.


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