The "Apocalypse Returns to NYC in December" Edition

The plans for a new Penn Station get an update, great banchan in NYC, what emoji best describes the city, and more

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• This week I had the pleasure of being the guest on Doing What Works with Maureen and Katie Anderson to talk about what inspired me to start The Briefly, the importance of local news, what the process is like to put each edition together, my personal and familial connection to New York City, some of my favorite kinds of stories to include in The Briefly and more. I had a great time on the show and I think that you'll enjoy listening. (Maureen Anderson and Katie Anderson for Doing What Works)

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• Don't toss your pumpkin in the trash. Smash your pumpkins for compost in multiple parks across the city this weekend. (Michelle Cohen for 6sqft)

• I've never rooted for the pandemic but now that SantaCon is back on December 11 I think I might switch teams. (Ben Yakas for Gothamist)

• I love the Gothamist headline Critics Say Eric Adams Lacks A 'Big Idea.' Maybe New Yorkers Don't Want One but at the same time I'm waiting for one "good idea." (Elizabeth Kim for Gothamist)

• Speaking of eye-rolling ideas, Mayor-Elect Eric Adams says he's gonna get his first three paychecks in Bitcoin. (Bobby Cuza for NY1)

• The Pfizer vaccine was approved for kids 5-11. NYC is offering $100 to families of children getting their first dose. (Reema Amin for Chalkbeat)

• The city came to an agreement with the unions DC 37, Teamsters Local 237, Uniformed Sanitationmen's Association Local 831, and SEIU Local 300 to outline religious and medical exemptions for the Covid-19 vaccine. In return, the unions agreed to drop their lawsuits against the city. (Matt Troutman for Patch)

• Oh god, the S’moagie is real, the unholy s'mores/hoagie union, and it's available today in two locations in the city. (Rachel Sugar for Grub Street)

• Meet Disco, New York City's most legendary bouncer. (Emilia Petrarca for Grub Street)

• Why limit your booze to drinks? Tipsy Scoop and Chonky Cookies are new boozy cookie pop-up shops you can find across the city and online this winter. (Anna Rahmanan for Time Out)

• Renderings: New governor, new plan for Penn Station's future. (Justin Davidson for Curbed)

• Cab drivers broke their hunger strike after reaching an agreement with the city to restructure the crushing debt that’s devastated many taxi medallion owners. (Samantha Maldonado for The City)

• Where to eat in Prospect Heights. (Luke Fortney for Eater)

• Real Estate Lust: A $3.1 million detached Victorian house in Ditmas Park with a front porch, stained glass, vaulted ceilings, six beds, backyard, a deck, basement, and more. (Devin Gannon for 6sqft)

• If you're someone that paid attention the rise in crime during the pandemic, you are also someone who should know that violent crime hit pre-pandemic levels in October. (Gabby DeBenedictis for Patch)

• Van Leeuwen was hit with $12,750 in fines for violating the city's ban on cashless businesses. (Erika Adams for Eater)

• The disappointment of not having your home chosen to portray a terrorist den on Law & Order. (Mimi O'Connor for Brick Underground)

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• Do you love Stranger Things? Do you love Stranger things enough to visit Times Square for the new Stranger Things retail store popping up this weekend? Reservations are recommended. (Anna Rahmanan for Time Out)

• The guide to restaurants specializing in Japanese omakase dining in New York. (Kara Newman for RESY)

• A New York state law limiting people’s ability to carry weapons outside their homes is being argued in front of the Supreme Court and early indications in headlines are that the Supreme Court may strike down the law. What happens if the law is struck down? (Jonah E. Bromwich and Ashley Southall for NY Times)

• What emoji best represents New York City? (Will Gleason for Time Out)

Nine great spots for banchan, the side dishes at Korean restaurants. (Justine Lee for The Infatuation)

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