The "Alcohol without Food" Edition

The Cuomo vs de Blasio feud returns to center stage as things in NYC get a little closer to normal.

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The Brooklyn Museum's First Saturdays series resumes this weekend with an outdoor afternoon event. (The Brooklyn Reader)

Rudy Giuliani's Upper East Side apartment was raided by federal investigators as a part of the investigation into his business dealings in Ukraine while he served as the personal attorney for former President Donald Trump. (Sophia Chang for Gothamist)

• Are those 35 songbirds in your pants or are you just happy to see me? The man caught attempting to smuggle 35 birds in his pants was not happy to see agents from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. (Neil Vigdor for NY Times)

You no longer have to order food with alcohol at bars. (Erika Adams for Eater)

• As the city cruises towards normalcy, there is more pressure on Governor Cuomo to restore overnight subway service, which has never had a deadline or timing on a return. (Jake Offenhartz for Gothamist)

Mayor de Blasio wants to reopen the city completely on July 1. Despite his announcements, the mayor doesn't have the authority to make most of those decisions. (Mihir Zaveri for NY Times)

• Life is returning to normal because de Blasio and Cuomo are fighting in public again. (Caroline Spivack for Curbed)

• The most hipster Brooklyn thing ever. Now you can buy goods from the Hudson Valley and have them delivered to Brooklyn by schooner, which is a sailboat. (Brad Vogel for Untapped New York)

The Cock will replace Fat Baby. (EV Grieve)

• Remember the NYPD's robot dog? The universal criticism against the NYPD resulted in terminating the contract with Boston Dynamics. Farewell Digidog. (Alissa Walker for Curbed)

• I hope your eye-rolling muscles are feeling strong today because here's an apartment listing that calls Boerum Hill “the Paris of Brooklyn.” (Brock Colyar for Curbed)

• Remember Chaim Deutsch? He pleaded guilty to tax fraud last Thursday and said he would not step down from City Council? It's been taken care of for him and Deutsch has been expelled from City Council. (Amelia Anthony for Brooklyn Magazine)

• City Council is putting together a package of bills that would grant delivery workers rights, including using the bathrooms at restaurants they are delivering for. This is in response to the UWS community board meeting where members said they were "horrified" at the idea of workers using restaurant bathrooms. (Bobby Panza for I Love the Upper West Side)

• City Council also put a weight limit for vehicles on the Riegelmann Boardwalk in Coney Island, citing the damage that large vehicles have done to the wooden-planked landmark over the years. (Brooklyn Eagle)

• The hardcore show in Tomkins Square Park that attracted thousands was submitted as a permit to the city as a "September 11 Memorial." These idiots have had permits for their future events at the park canceled. (BrooklynVegan)

• Remember the coming REAL ID deadline? Forget it. The deadline was postponed until May 2023, so you can fly domestically with your normal driver’s license for a few more years. (Adam Nichols for Patch)

• If it's not nice, 20 sheltered spots for dining outdoors when it rains. (Eater)

• "Victor reminded me of how much I missed that new-restaurant buzz" (Kara Zuaro for Brooklyn Based)

Here are the libraries opening on May 10 for in-person browsing and services. (Sophia Chang for Gothamist)

The NYPD charged two Brooklyn women with assault in connection to the death of Ponzu the cat. (Xiang Shen for NY City Lens)

NYU's graduate students are on strike for higher wages, better healthcare, and a change in the school's relationship with the NYPD. Can NYU function without graduate students grading papers and assistant teaching? (Emma Goldberg for NY Times)

Governor Cuomo is the highest-paid governor in the country, which doesn't include his multi-million dollar book deal. (Adam Nichols for Patch)

Governor Cuomo's "vaccine czar" is stepping down. Not because he got the job done or because he wants to distance himself from Cuomo. Instead, he's stepping down as to not be banned from lobbying the state for two years. (Luis Ferré-Sadurní for NY Times)

• New investigations show Cuomo’s aides prevent the state’s health officials from releasing the true nursing home death toll for five months. (J. David Goodman, Jesse McKinley, and Danny Hakim for NY Times)

Mayoral candidate Scott Stringer is accused of assaulting an unpaid intern on his campaign 20 years ago and warned her not to tell anyone. He denied the allegation. (Dana Rubenstein, Jeffrey C. Mays, and Kate Glueck for NY Times)

• The City's excellent interactive tool "Meet Your Mayor" has been updated to test which candidates you agree with most when it comes to labor. (The City)

Walk-in appointments are available to anyone over 16 years old at state vaccination sites. (Daniel E. Slotnik for NY Times)

• Some good news: Less than 5% of New Yorkers who got their first dose missed their second dose in the recommended window. We're doing better than the nation in that regard, which is at 8%. (Afia Eama and Nsikan Akpan for Gothamist)

• Photos: It's cherry blossom time at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. (Ben Yakas for Gothamist)

Jing Fong announced plans to reopen at a smaller location in late June, but haven't announced the address yet. (Erika Adams for Eater)

The billion-dollar fight over a parking lot in lower Manhattan. (Michael Kimmelman for NY Times)

20 amazing rooftop bars in New York City. (Devin Gannon for 6sqft)

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